There are a handful of mobile quarterbacks around the NFL that can gash you with their feet.Steelers Store. Not rushing upfield past the quarterback is an obvious requirement against all of them.Bengals Store. But beyond just closing the walls around Rodgers,Tyrann Mathieu Jersey, the Broncos can't make the mistakes of many other defenses: leaving the front door open.Peyton Manning Jersey. To study Rodgers' mobility in the pocket is to observe high-level football art.Ezekiel Elliott Jersey. Time after time,Eli Manning Jersey, he allows the rush to develop,Clay Matthews Jersey, keeping his eyes downfield,Luke Kuechly Jersey, only to reset into the soft spot and deliver his dart.Rob Gronkowski Jersey. As a pass rusher,Russell Wilson Jersey, understanding that he's simply waiting for you to declare a side on your respective blocker (so that he can slide the opposite way) to deliver his throws is paramount. Defenses that have not had a body directly in front of the pocket when Rodgers looks to deliver his throws have been torched repeatedly either with open throwing or scramble lanes. Most four-man rushes stay evenly distributed with two rushers on each side of center, but this typically leaves a hole somewhere over the ball for Rodgers to take off when the coverage clears. The following example shows an initially balanced defensive line with a linebacker fronting the pocket to close that escape route. But when that linebacker's coverage removes him from the box and all four rushers work up the field, that's the soft spot Rodgers so often takes for huge chunks of freebie yards (below).